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Managed Services

Effortless growth

In a rapidly changing business environment, adhering to strict compliance standards and minimising your risks is crucial. BlueMonks offers your organisation two optimal KYC/CDD Managed Services: BlueMonks Standard and Premium. Proven total solutions that ensure you always meet the latest requirements.

Minimise risks

Meet the latest legal requirements responsibly and effectively on an ongoing basis.

Fully managed

BlueMonks’ experts adeptly take the entire KYC/CDD process off your hands.

Your own dashboard

Via your personal Dashboard, you receive all risk indications with suggested risk rating.

The best customer experience

Customers can effortlessly log in, securely identify themselves and upload documents via the online platform.

Always up-to-date

We report new regulations immediately. We also prepare organisations for changes and provide training based on best-practice.

Save time and costs

Thanks to the use of our expertise combined with advanced technology.


BlueMonks will take on the responsibility for the entire KYC/CDD process. From collecting and validating customer data, to providing daily monitoring. Our expertise and advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and automated systems, guarantee worry-free, accurate and timely execution of all your KYC/CDD processes. From BlueMonks Standard services, choose the basic policy with some specific features, such as customised sectors and countries, choose fully customised and company-specific policies that are part of BlueMonks Premium services.

Regain control and your focus

Use our expertise, technology and further support to allow you to concentrate on your core business. This benefits your operational efficiency and focus. Protect your organisation from the fines and reputational damage that can result from non-compliance. Allow us to help you to always meet the highest standards of integrity and regulation.

BlueMonks Service Desk​

A response to onboarding

Our BlueMonks Managed Services make the onboarding process simple and straightforward. Customers may have questions about meeting all KYC/CDD obligations. For example:

  • About why requested documentation is required and how this should be formatted
  • When they are in doubt about the meaning and purpose of questions
  • When automated online identification does not work immediately
  • When there are login problems

Customers like immediate answers to their questions, which they can ask by It would be pleasant if your custtelephone or emailomers could call, e-mail or chat with someone immediately.

More outsourcing

Separately, or in addition to our Managed Services, you may wish to receive support from our Service Desk. Our specialists are on hand 24/7 to answer your customers' questions in all languages and guide them smoothly through the process. This provides an optimal customer experience, allowing you to continue with your everyday business and your internal organisation is not unnecessarily burdened. This can be provided short or long-term.

KYC fully managed

Would you like to meet the highest standards of integrity and regulations more effectively? With BlueMonks' Managed Services and/or Service Desk? We are happy to support you as flexibly and appropriately as possible. Find out the rates of our proven effective solutions below.

Your KYC obligations and concerns resolved responsibly within 24 hours?

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